In saying that technologies assist students to build up their creativities, I would say that it depends on what technology the teacher choose for the specific learning outcome

After reading Debi Keyte-Hartland‘s blog post, it really makes me reflect on the importance of  teachers’ selecting effective teachnologies to use in teaching.

In Debi’s blog post, it says that a lot of applications have been designed for specific purpose, can it either assist or constrian students’ learning as well as their creativities.  Providing students enormous pre-set feactures indeed provides them more effectiveness to create their work as well as stimulate their ideas to make links between each feature or function, but it on the other side limits students’ further creativities to create their “own” version of work. Students have diversed learning preferences and differnt perspectives on what they are taught; using pre-set teachnolnogies would limit the opportunities of students to apply their higher order thinkings to buid the connections beyond what the selected application offers (Kim, Park, Yoo, & Kim, 2016).

Through reflecting on the effectiveness of choosing a supportive ICT, I believe that asking students to create their own story using the Story Creator app support their all potentials to develop their own story line, scenes, characters in their story for my Year 1 English unit of  learning descriptive language through retelling a story. As the Story Creator app does not offer any prepared images and sounds for users to use.

Click here to access the short YouTube introduction of the Story Creator application.


Kim, H. J., Park, J. H., Yoo, S., & Kim, H. (2016). Fostering creativity in tablet-based interactive classrooms. Educational Technology & Society, 19(3), 207-221.

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